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Safety Rules / Insurance

  • Throwing lanes in both the trailer and individual event targets are only to be used by guests who have completed a Wood & Steel Axe Company Liability Waiver and meet all the requirements.


  • All participants must wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Footwear should have good traction for stability. Closed toed shoes are mandatory. No sandals, high heels or flipflops.


  • Wood & Steel Axe always runs all events and parties with an Axe Coach present. The safety and security off all our guests is our top priority. Please respect our coaches and the rules set forth. Prior to all events a “Team Meeting” will be held to review all rules, guidelines and safety measures.


  • No person impaired by alcohol or drugs will be allowed to axe throw. Participation in Wood & Steel Axe events is subject to the Axe Coach’s discretion. Staff may ask anyone to stop participating at any time.


  • Wood & Steel Axe will carry basic first aid kits in all of its units.


  • Axe throwers throw their axes at or about the same time. Each group will retrieve at the same time and at the Axe Coaches’ direction.


  • Trick shots, wind-ups and under-hand throws will not be permitted


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