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So Many Options...

  Wood & Steel has three mobile choices based on your group needs:

  • Option 1  - Our mobile trailer (pictured above) is an amazing way to experience axe throwing outdoors! The trailer is 8.5 x 20 feet long and stands 13 ft high. With the stairs down and including the trailer tongue, our overall length is 32 feet.

  • Option 2 - For larger events, or events that cannot accommodate our trailer, we can provide up to (4) outdoor targets. Each target is is 10 feet tall.  All targets together require roughly 25 feet by 25 feet  to accommodate a safe throwing area.

  • Option 3 - For groups utilizing indoor space, such as a hotel ballroom, we offer our standard stand alone targets with a fully enclosed cage. Each target is 8 feet wide and 24 long and requires 10 feet in height clearance .

Each event will have the following:

  Axes        Additional targets        Digital waivers / wristbands for throwers     Games, brackets and skills competition are all available.

  Dedicated Axe Coach     Full safety brief and expectations

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